Dissertation Presentation

September 12th, 2010

How to prepare for your dissertation presentation

Creating your dissertation is exciting. Just to think that you have a final product that will be viewed for the public in itself, is fun and rewarding. There is something that is more exciting though, its your dissertation presentation. Your dissertation presentation is the last step in the dissertation process. Its like giving a speech, but a lot of more satisfying. You know that this presentation will influence your viewers and you want to make sure you leave a good impression.

dissertation project, electronic dissertation, phd dissertationWhen you give your dissertation presentation it is important to keep in mind the importance of speech, fluency and accuracy. Even an electronic dissertation has a presentation that needs to follow as its final steps. The feeling or sense of accomplishment when writing a phd dissertation is great, and it allows for much rejoicing. But like all other dissertations, a phd dissertation includes a presentation.

The dissertation project itself can be long and grueling, however, the end result is triumphant. But, let’s take a minute and look at the requirements for a dissertation presentation.
First and foremost, it is important that you understand that the outcome of your dissertation presentation is going to greatly be influenced by your moral mood. Do not spend time thinking about your presentation. A lot of people lose sleep, and time, and weight. You do not need to fall into that category.

Do not choose to be indifferent about the presentation either. Allow yourself to be relaxed, but also, take time to prepare.

Here are some tips for you to be successful during your presentation:

1. Look like you are self-assured
2. Pretend you are in a play or drama, you are the main character
3. Stay in sequence, be logical and don’t back track unless your purpose is to give a “60 seconds” summary for those who missed it.
4. Do not spend too much time going into detail about your work, it may bore the evaluator and people chosen to sit in during your presentation.
5. Follow your dissertation structure strictly
Make sure to get plenty of sleep before your dissertation presentation. As a matter of fact, make sure you get plenty of sleep for any presentation in life in general. Studies show that plenty of sleep makes you more alert and more aware and willing to do well in every day situations. Without sleep, the feeling of tiredness is present and being less alert is more common.

Before any dissertation presentation, make sure to be open with your advisor on your intentions for the presentation and your desired outcome. If you are not upfront and clear with your advisor, you may later run into problems regarding your dissertation.

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