Learn to Say No to Dissertation Plagiarism

June 15th, 2010

When a masters or doctorate dissertation is plagiarized, you have a really irate professor who either gives you bad grades or does not approve your dissertation. This might also result in suspension or termination if the degree of plagiarism is higher. And he is right on his part as no respectable professor can stand dissertation plagiarisms.

What is Plagiarism?
Plagiarism is the “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work (Random House Compact Unabridged Dictionary, 1995). Serious actions are often taken against individuals caught in plagiarizing. To have the peace of mind during your graduation days, avoid dissertation plagiarisms at all costs, as it would leave black mark in your professional course.

Insecure feeling regarding your dissertation
Quoting William Shakespeare, “Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind”. When you know that your dissertation is plagiarized you will spend many sleepless nights. On the whole it makes you very insecure and uncomfortable to present and defend your dissertation. Try to avoid all the above mess by coming up with a clean dissertation.

Write on a comfortable topic
Choosing a topic that you like will make dissertation writing simple. It is easy to research on a topic that you are comfortable with. Short list on 2-3 topics and decide on one of them. This should be the one where you can gather information easily.

Gather information diligently
After the topic has been fixed, start gathering all the information related to it. Discuss with your classmates, superiors and professors to get a good hang of what you are going to write. Refer school library, online library and encyclopedia. The more information you acquire, the more knowledgeable you become of the topic which sets you on a cheerful note to write even the lengthiest of dissertations. This will help you in coming up with your own ideas, an outline for the dissertation and a resource bank which will help you in a dissertation plagiarism free.

Plan properly and execute accordingly
In order to avoid cramming information at the last moment, plan your dissertation properly. You might end up in plagiarizing you dissertation if you keep writing it till the d-day. Working ahead of schedule pays well and you will come up with a good dissertation.

Paraphrasing data
When your sources exceed the maximum number specified by your instructor, you will have to rephrase the information that you have collected. Add your own ideas and thoughts to avoid writing the same sentences that you would have read. Give a personal touch to the dissertation. Revise the sentences to correct grammatical mistakes. Get a proof reading done by some one specialized in this field in order to get proper feedback. Getting feedback is easy, but incorporating the same is quite difficult as many people are quite rigid in their thinking. Many a times you will have the feeling that your dissertation cannot be improved any further. At such times it is better to seek professional help. Dissertation-service.co.uk does a lot of proof reading to ensure that your dissertation is of the best quality.

Editing Information in a qualitative way
Do not cut paste sentences from any resource that you not citing in your references. Make a rough draft in you own words the information that you wish to present. Make necessary corrections to spelling, grammar and order in which the information is presented to add quality to your dissertation. Do not go about just copy pasting the information and citing the references. This makes your dissertation boring and the reader does not understand what you are trying to say. Instead try to discuss one theme at a time and give references for this.

Citing all the References made
As you already know, you have to ‘give respect and take respect’. Hence remember to cite all the references that you have used in the style prescribed by your grad school. If you have read something and are going to come back for it later, make a note of it so that you can include it in your references. Else it might happen that you unconsciously use the idea and forget to mention it. Do a thorough reading of the referencing style mandated by your school and get familiar with it.

Do you possess good language skills? If not improve them
A person with good reading and writing skills generally writes a dissertation that is free from plagiarism. This is because the reading skills help the student assimilate information and the writing skills help is presenting the same in his dissertation. If you feel that you lack proper communication skills, improve them before it is too late. Right from the day you start you degree started reading books and try to work out small writing test assignments on your own.

Plagiarism check
Never take free dissertations available on the net and try editing the same. Since the ideas are not original you can never be satisfied with the work however hard you try. It is a great waste of time, try researching on your own instead.
A complete plagiarism check cannot be made manually. You would have to take the help of plagiarism software here. There are many available in the market today to verify your dissertation. Run your dissertation through at least 2-3 such programs to check for signs of plagiarism.

Resorting to dissertation plagiarism will always make matters worse. The faculty gets an impression that the student is not ready for the degree as he cannot write his dissertation which is like a crux of the program. Do not hesitate to seek professional help for writing your dissertation. Dissertation-service.co.uk helps lot of students with their dissertation at various levels of study in numerous fields.

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