Dissertation Parts

January 4th, 2012

Many Different Parts Of A Dissertation

dissertation methodology, dissertation research methods, computer science dissertationIt’s not enough to know that you have to write a dissertation for your class. It could be fun, but at the same time, you need to be aware that it is extensive and includes many parts. The dissertation parts are many and are essential for the creation of your final piece. Without the it, you will not have an essay that is worthy of being read. Like everything in life, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. If you follow the parts of a dissertation, you will become aware of its’ importance.

If you are writing a thesis or dissertation for computer science, even your computer science dissertation will contain several parts. It is important to note that there is a certain dissertation methodology. Following the methodology will free you and help you create a great dissertation.

For any dissertation you write, you will need to think about the dissertation research methods. A dissertation is based off of research and your own ideas. Stay focused and review your steps for both kinds of methodologies.

The dissertation parts can help you organize your paper. Without these parts, you will not have a dissertation that is coherent and readable.
The parts of a dissertation are as follows:

  • Signature page
  1. Title (create something that is creative and stands out)
  2. Copyright (make sure to get this aspect taken care of, you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your work.)
  3. Acknowledgements (who would you like to thank for helping you with this big project?)
  4. Abstract (your brief summary!)
  5. Table of Contents (be specific and detailed as it will be easier for us to locate certain chapters in your in your dissertation.)
  6. List of Table and illustrations
  7. Chapter 1: Introduction
  8. Chapter 2: Review of Lit. and Research Questions
  9. Chapter 3: Method used
  10. Chapter 4: Results
  11. Chapter 5: Discussion
  12. References (where did you get the information)
  13. Appendices (Key words or dictionary words that were used for this assignment.

For each part, there is a sub-section. Please take the time to view the sub-sections and allow yourself to use these steps to make an amazing dissertation. Several stages are presented below.


  • Thinking about it
  1. write down ideas
  2. being inclusive
  3. make it YOUR own research
  4. set realistic goals
  5. timelines
  6. relax when needed
  7. be clear
  • Preparing your proposal
  1. Read others’ work
  2. comprehensive review
  3. photocopy articles
  4. proposal first 3 chapters
  5. focus
  6. title your proposal
  7. organize thoughts around questions
  8. use committee wisely
  • Writing the dissertation
  1. focus on most familiar sections
  2. rewrite proposal into sections
  3. use real names and places
  4. print drafts on different pages
  5. hand drawn pictures
  6. make writing clear
  7. write real conclusions
  • Defense
  1. attend defenses
  2. discuss research with others
  3. team effort
  4. do not be defensive in your defense

Without these dissertation  parts, it is virtually impossible to write an effective dissertation. For each of these steps, and explanation feel free to contact Dissertation-services.co.uk for more information. We pride ourselves in being quick and efficient. We are also available 24/7 for any inquiries regarding our services.