Get The Best Out Of Dissertation Methods Chapter

April 14th, 2009

Dissertation methodology chapter aims at describing—with explanation—what have been researched through whatsoever means or ways in context to your dissertation questions or issue. Complete details as well as precisions will work the best. knows what you need. Following are the points to be considered for what you can do for your dissertation methods chapter.

• A key focus for the success of your dissertation writing
For the successful dissertation, a methodology that you put into practice for your research in support to your evidence is a vital part. To focus on this part as much as you can while dissertation writing will fetch you more and more benefits.

• Proper research methods
Selecting corrects methods can ensure the success of your project; and their absence can also invite a failure. Then, what data to be collected and how ?

(A) Questionnaire, interview, survey, etc.
(B) Laboratory data, field work, etc.
(C) Analysis of library source, web source, real document, etc.

Check whether or not the research methods are informative and matched to your project. Find out if any famous personality has ever used any of the methods that you have chosen. Think about the pros and cons of all or a particular method. Decide whether to stick to one method only or opt for a set of various methods. See if your chosen methods are effective or not; they should appeal to your project.

• Justification for your methods
In one sense, the purpose of dissertation methods chapter is to justify your preferred methods during the course of your methodology chapter. As a researcher, you can portray that there may be many other options, but your selected methods fits into the requirement the best, fulfilling your objectives. This can also help your research proposal paper.

• True decision about the method or methods
Whether only one method, such as good questionnaire, or more than one method should be a confusion-free decision. For one objective, only one method may suffice; whereas for some other objectives, you need to apply many methods at once.

• Building up of your method model
After the selection of your research method or methods, you need to finalize how you will be implementing them with help of all necessary samples. Identifying the underlying issues followed by needful improvement is good for your dissertation methods chapter before you embark on calculating or gathering the actual data. This means rehearsal before research.

• Date-gathering and/or Data-analysis
Involving your choice, implementation, specific strategies, and tools, there are two characteristics of the data treatment.

(A) Data-gathering methodologies covering observation, questionnaire, interview, survey, etc.
(B) Data-analysis covering statistical analysis, content analysis, semiotic analysis, etc.

Some methods may need both of these approaches, some others may need only one of them.

• Rationalization of the dissertation methods chapter
A rationale regarding your preferred methodology with both data-gathering and data-analysis or one of them is required. You are expected to mention what optional methodology tools could have been utilized, especially those implemented by other similar studies, and their pros and cons in context to your project.

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