The Significance Of Methodology Chapter In Dissertation

November 7th, 2009

Methodology in context to dissertation, thesis, or research paper is a significant mechanism through which students reach their conclusions. Methodology chapter, hence, carries high significance because in it they have to justify their method(s) with explanations on why they chose the particular strategies and tools of data gathering and analysis. has already completed a decade in supplying solutions to issues related to this chapter. Their repetitive returns to our site evidently indicate our success; to see a return student is as equally pleasant as to see new student at our venue. We invite new folks of students having any academic-paper related issue, not limited to only dissertation chapters; this may involve the assignment, thesis, coursework, and dissertation samples.

• The term methodology signifies a knowledge in terms of awareness about the way (method) of carrying out something, and ability of justifying a stance of why it was done by that way. Thus, choice and implementation of particular tools and strategies are major concerns you will deal with in your methodology chapter. When it comes to choice, obviously, there will be more than one option, in regard to which, you have to demonstrate your understandability.

• Data gathering and data analysis are two parameters of the dissertation methodology, which are used either in combination or separately. The ethnography, content analysis, and semiotic analysis apply the combination. The data gathering methodology relates to the questionnaires, interview, and observations. And, the data analysis methodology relates to content analysis, statistical analysis, semiotic analysis, and discourse analysis.

• The methodology tools must be illustrated well along with the specific categorization, such as semi-structured interview. The student should refer to the literature review with identification and mention of related studies applying the same methodology.

• In justification, the student is also supposed to discuss the alternative methodological tools which were avoided but might have been implemented. With all pros and corns, you should discuss the related studies implementing those alternative tools in your methodology chapter. The particular reason for why you did not choose them must also surface. The information about the participation is also important.

• Thus, the whole chapter will include the following matters:

The relevance to the theoretical framework
Description about your chosen method
Explanation why that particular method was chosen
Reason for a particular characteristic such as open-ended interview
Reason for opting for the chosen method
Reason for opting out of other possible methods
Reference to pertinent study with same or similar methods
Valid basis for choosing your participants
Reference to an acceptable study having same or similar basis of participation
Particular group of population intentionally not included or not represented (with reasons)
The presence of inclination (gender, age, class, ethnicity, etc.) and demographic appropriateness if so
The limitations of methods and alerts for the readers.

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