The Misapprehensions Regarding Dissertation Literature Review

July 23rd, 2009

While proposing and pursuing your dissertation, after the selection of your feasible dissertation topic, the most demanding requirement is the supporting atmosphere which can prove the value of your proposed research or investigation. In other words, what is needed is a valid background which is essential for not just the dissertation but also in many other aspects of professional life. Dissertation literature review is the presentation of the literature, keeping in mind the most pertinent information. is a union of like-minded people who have joined together for a simple aim of solving students’ academic difficulties with any sort of dissertation help.

• For the dissertation, various literatures written and published on the same or related topics will serve as the “credible” sources providing the sufficient background scenario and the support material to the student’s new study or investigation.

• Literature review is one of the most complex problems the students seek help for. The students can manage to gather the needful literatures but cannot present it appropriately, maybe because of lack of a good writing.

• For the sake of the understanding of the new students, the literature review is not a review of book as what it is misguidedly believed to be. Also, it is not written the way people write a review on a book after reading it.

• Instead, dissertation literature review means a good combination of a summary of a source (literature) and the narration how it relates to your new investigation.

• For doing so, you have to abstain from your individual thinking regarding the literature and your new study. What you are supposed to write is the matter or views indicated by the author(s) of whatever source(s) you are referring to.

• For the purpose of relating the literature to your new investigation or study, you need to illustrate either the gap of knowledge or the matching nature of your new investigation in context to recommendations of the author. The gap of knowledge is something that shows an absence of study, where your new study can exactly fit into, filling that gap.

• Sometimes, the referred literature expresses the viewpoints of its author advocating a need of new or further investigation. In such situation you need to show the exactness in your dissertation literature review regarding your new investigation as recommended by the author.

• The most misleading notion about the literature review as perceived mostly by the new students is a review of literary works composed by playwrights, poets, novelists, etc. Please make it clear that it does not have to do anything with these people—unless and until your entire dissertation belongs to them or their works.

• The term “literature” for dissertation writing refers to the meanings other than its common perception of a work of literary writers. As defined by a dictionary it is also “the body of written work produced by scholars or researchers in a given field” or any “written or printed matter of a particular type or genre.”

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