Dissertation layout Template

July 14th, 2011

What does a dissertation layout template look like?

A dissertation layout template can be used to help you set up your dissertation. In order to create a coherent dissertation, a template is necessary and strongly recommended. For utter success with your dissertation, following a dissertation layout template would be of much use.

People use templates all around the world. A template is like a blue print. It gives you an idea of what you want to create. Without a blueprint, and architect would not be able to build a building for someone.

Having  a blue print or a dissertation layout template can make writing your dissertation easy and more comprehensive. People who struggle with writing in general will benefit from a template given to them. The template will facilitate their writing and make their writing experience more enjoyable.

Many people buy dissertations and this helps them because they are able to see an example. In the dissertations they buy, they will notice that there is a dissertation proposal. The dissertation proposal is part of the template or structure needed for the actual dissertation project. Every dissertation will need a proposal. It is kind of a rough draft that lets your professor know what you are planning. So, use a dissertation layout template.

Dissertation layout templateAnother way to say dissertation layout template is to just use the word structure. Part of structure is knowing what to put in your paper and how to format your paper.


1. Paper Writing Format

2. Features to your project

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1.  Do not exceed 250 words per page.

2. Must be written in Microsoft Word.

3. Must use Times New Roman.

4. Must use 12 point font.

5. Must double space.

6. Must have 1 inch margin.

Realize that your essay or dissertation must use proper written format as well. Below are the three things that should be included in your dissertation.


1. Introduction (introduction must include a thesis statement and should be no more that 5 sentence long. The introduction must be indented and must carry out the purpose of your dissertation it should not exceed two paragraphs in length).

2. Body(the body will include more than 1 paragraph and each paragraph in the body must be indented. The body will explain the thesis and give examples and details of the point you are trying to make in your introduction).

3. Conclusion(the conclusion should be no more than 2 paragraphs long and will wrap up your entire dissertation explaining whether your thesis was proven or disproved and why. The conclusion wraps up your story).

There are a few added features to the structure and the layout of your dissertation.

Layout Features:

1. Dedication Page

2. Acknowledgement Page

3. Title Page

4. Bibliography

5. Dissertation proposal

All of these features mentioned above are essential to the development of your dissertation. Without these features, you will not have a successful dissertation. It is important to pay close attention to your writing and structure as you start exploring your topic at length. Without careful attention to your topic, your dissertation can become redundant and incomprehensible.

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