Dissertation Layout

October 10th, 2010

What a dissertation layout is supposed to look like

The best part of writing a dissertation is when you have actually completed the project. Your dissertation layout can be a great tool for you in helping you organize your thoughts and insert the correct things into your research project.
Any kind of dissertation, including a finance dissertation or a marketing dissertation will need a dissertation layout. You cannot avoid this, it cannot be neglected and if you follow the layout, and stay focused, you will produce a nice piece of work.
There are several website available to you that will help guide you when looking at your dissertation layout. Your layout is pretty specific and it is essential that you follow what it says. If you follow directions, you can guarantee that you will have a great dissertation outcome.

Keep in mind that if you have not chosen your dissertation topic  yet, you may find it slightly tough to focus on your layout. But because the layout is pretty general, and conforms to pretty much any dissertation, you can wait on your particular topic.

finance dissertation, marketing dissertation, dissertation topicYour dissertation layout must include but is not limited to:
1. Abstract
2. Contents page
3. Introduction
4. Literature review
5. Methodology
6. Data Analysis
7. Discussion
8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography
10. Appendices

1. Your abstract is a synopsis of your entire document. In this part of your layout, you should be able to show the reader your objectives and what you would like your final outcome to look like.
2. Your contents page is the page that will list the most important part of your dissertation. And it will also list the page numbers they are on. It is kind of like a table of contents.
3. Your introduction should and will give a detailed focus and overview of the background on the dissertation topic and the structure it will follow.
4. Your literature review will outline all the research you did before on the topic that you have chosen.
5. Your methodology will identify an understanding of methods in which you collected your data.
6. Your data analysis will show your empirical data that you have collected and it is recommended that you highlight the major issues that have been included in your research.
7. Your discussion part of your layout is where you talk and compare data you have collected with other data that is similar to yours.
8. Your conclusion is a quick summary of what you have already said in your entire paper.
9. Your bibliography is where you list your references that you used in alphabetical order.
10. Your appendices is where you list any extra information so that you do not clutter up your dissertation.

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