Dissertation Journey

July 4th, 2012

A Guide to Completing your Dissertation

A lot of people are aiming for that post graduate degree adding a distinction into the end of their names. But little do they realize that the same distinction and degree entails a lot of sacrifices and resources to be used before it could even be in their own hands. One of the most crucial parts of graduating in doctoral studies is the completion of a comprehensive research often termed as dissertation journey. Most graduate students would be very eager in the beginning but after experiencing the gargantuan task, they end up only with the academic units failing to finish the entire course.

Most would even opt of dissertation help to ease them out of the hassles but then again, there is still a need for them to have a good grasp of the paper for oral defence. Indeed, completing dissertation journeys of the mind, the body and the entire psychological make up of a person. The following are just few tips you can use to survive the great academic writing struggle.

* Work on Time Management

The concern on time management is a real big issue especially for those who are working on their dissertations while having other responsibilities at home and at work. The real essence of managing your dissertation is being able to give ample time for it. Plan each day on what you need to accomplish. This is where time tables find their real purpose. Chart out whatever needs to be done in a day or in a week. For instance, data gathering should be given enough time allowance. Never procrastinate because such act would just pull all your efforts down the drain.

* Seek Help

Graduate students may find it hard to multi-task that an adviser or a consultant is sought for advice and help. There is no problem with asking for help as long as you keep track of what needs to be accomplished and what is yet to be done. There are a lot of dissertation services which you can refer to for guide and samples. However, you need to be careful about choosing the site because some are just built for business and not to really aid you in your quest.

* Look for other sources of funding

Completing a dissertation journey would require you to spend quite a huge amount of money especially during the data gathering stage when you need to go places and research and even during production of copies. Scholarships, grants and fellowships are already made available in some famous universities. Government assistance are also offered to those who pass the criteria for financial aid.

* Know when you are in your most Productive state

Other people could work best in the morning while some are productive in the evenings. Gauge yourself. Ponder on the right time to sit down and begin with the paper. Brilliant dissertation ideas come best when the body and the mind are not too tired to work together.

* Plan your Work Venue

Seek for the right place to work. If you think your own bedroom makes you feel sleepy and weary, you can look for the nearest public library where books can be available for your reference. If you also feel that you can work best while munching, you can stay in cafeteria as long as you bring with you your papers and other documents to prevent you from other hassles.

People who succeed in their dissertations are those who know themselves and are able to work according to their needs and style. Help is somewhere out there waiting for you. If you think you need one, never be ashamed to ask for it.