General Dissertation Guidelines

June 11th, 2010

Just as an engineer refers to the blueprint while constructing a building, a student needs to refer to the dissertation guidelines while writing his dissertation. Keeping the guidelines in mind will help you to come up with a flawless dissertation and make your defense easy.

The following are some of the general dissertation guidelines to help you in writing a dissertation.

• Refer to necessary guidelines for dissertation proposal.

• Make a check list of the guidelines given by your university prior to starting your dissertation.

• Make a check list of the guidelines given by you own department if any.

• Highlight the points that you would tend to forget in your checklist and keep referring to the above checklist.

• Be sure to get the doubts cleared if any with your supervisor prior to starting off on your dissertation.

• Compose an excellent foreword for your dissertation.

• The beginning of the dissertation should leave an outstanding impression.

• Arrive at a list of the things that you are going to discuss in your dissertation.

• Have a rough sketch of the headings and sub headings using the above list. You can refer to this sketch to gather information and arrange it in a neat fashion in the dissertation. Make an excel sheet of the resources you have accessed to collect the data.

• Do not use only the information that you gather directly all the time. You should even write in your own words the knowledge that you have gathered. In case you tend to cite only the resources you have referred your dissertation will look like a data bank and not a dissertation.

• Try to look from time to time what value you are adding to your dissertation. Is it just a copy paste or are you having your own say too?

• Do not neglect .the ending of the dissertation. It should re-emphasize the objective of your dissertation.

• Finally, using the excel sheet prepared earlier list down the references in the format prescribed by your supervisor.

• Review your dissertation thoroughly before submitting it. There is no harm done if you check your dissertation a couple of more times than necessary.

• During your review, pay extra attention to the language that you use. Check if you are using the same word or same phrase too often. This makes your dissertation lifeless and monotonous which can be put off your supervisor.

• Do not use slang or jargon that does not match your field of study.

• Read your dissertation with a lay mans perspective. Does it make proper sense? Remember that you are the creator and not a surgeon trying to amputate parts of someone else’s dissertation.

• Use relevant guidelines for defending your dissertation.

Refer to the above dissertation guidelines from time to time and you will be able to compose an excellent one. In case you are not sure of setting the guidelines needed for your dissertation or need help in writing one, seek professional help. is the one stop shop for all kinds of services related to dissertation writing.

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