Craft Your Papers With Good Dissertation Format

July 2nd, 2009

Typing the contents of your dissertation and then printing it on papers are not the real presentation of dissertation writing. If you are allowed to do so with typing and printing anyway, then, the whole process of dissertation would be easier to much extent. But, instead, you have to put the stuffs of your dissertation in a pre-prescribed format, following all instructions and guidelines in a true manner. In fact, dissertation format is a whole chapter in itself to be studied thoroughly and followed correctly. The mission of is to provide dissertation help to the students in need in any situation—no matter what issue they forward to us. It is the students’ inherent urge for getting assistance that we are in the market.

• The format is different from one university to another university and one field to another field. Also, the length of prescribed set of format may vary significantly among the various institutions; as little as few pages or as long as a whole booklet.

• You have to make it clear that what you have is a complete set of instructions with no absence of any page. Be it the dissertation proposal or the real chapters like literature review and methodology chapter, you have to abide by the format—failing to do so will affect your performance negatively.

• The format may become intense with the higher level of your study. It means that when it comes to how to write PhD thesis, then, the format will be more demanding with extensive details.

• Some universities prescribe too detailed dissertation format, indicating the tiniest matter. There can be varying guidelines for various pages such as abstract format guidelines and title page format guidelines. The dissertation front matter guidelines may include everything from preface/prologue, table of contents, list of figures, maps, tables, illustration, appendices, list of abbreviations/symbols/acronyms, glossary, etc.

• However, it gives you a relief knowing that many of them are optional requirement; but if you use them, you have to follow accordingly. You have to follow concretely the mandatory format requirements.

• Writing in a proper order as prescribed is a major expectation from the prescribed format guidelines. For example, the order of pages will start from title page (mandatory), frontispiece (optional), copyright page (optional), dedication page (optional), acknowledgement page (optional), preface page (optional), table of contents (mandatory), list of tables and figures (mandatory), list of appendices (mandatory), list of abbreviations (optional), and abstract (optional).

• The dissertation format information contains as much as—the font type and size (mostly prescribed is Times New Romans 12 point), page numbering, first page of each chapter, multiple manuscripts, half title page, appendices, bibliography/references, footnotes, lowercase and uppercase, bolded and italicized text, line spacing, margins, facing pages, foot notes, multiple volumes, color of text, color of figures and tables, the color of paper, special size of paper, and many more.

A well prepared dissertation example can guide you better about how to meet the format requirements. can supply you even the PhD dissertation sample with craftily maintenance of format. Or else, send us your papers with whatever format problem you face; our expert dissertation writers will look into the matter, promising you an assured improvement of your dissertation format.