Dissertation Format

March 23rd, 2012

Building an Excellent Dissertations Format

Dissertation format is all about arranging your dissertation to meet the prescribed academic requirements. Writing an academic dissertation does not necessarily mean that you must include all the wonderful points in it. The format of an dissertation should begin with the introduction. In some dissertations, the introduction may be replaced by a thesis statement. The reader should be able to use the introduction of your dissertation to tell of what is to come in the body of your paper. Also, the introduction can still be replaced by an abstract and this is particularly done in scientific research and writing.

The next part of the dissertation format is the body. The body of the dissertation should normally be longer than the introduction. This is where you will have to bring out the details of every point you introduced at the introduction. You will need to break down the body into paragraphs and every idea should be represented in a separate paragraph. Make sure that you vary your sentence length. In some dissertations, you may further need diagrams or other representations. These will also be included in the body of your dissertation.

Your dissertation should end up with a conclusion. The conclusion of your dissertation format should be your own point of view about the whole dissertation. The conclusion may require you to take a stand and you will have to summarize the main points in the body of your paper before taking a position. You will also bring in evidence in your conclusion to make your stand convincing. Always consider a write my dissertation guide when required to undertake any writing of this nature because you will be tested on your capacity to format your dissertation, rather than on your brilliance.