Dissertation Defense With Tactics Of Army Man And Lawyer

March 16th, 2010

Just as in military encounter and court matters, a defense mechanism is also applicable in academic venture of students. Despite being the shortest in time, the dissertation defense is an integral part marking an end of whole episode of the dissertation. Excellent preparedness is the only technique that can win you the academic battle with good defense. And, just as in any other dissertation sections, Dissertation-Service.co.uk shows full readiness for helping you in defending you dissertation. In fact, there is no academic matter for which we have to reject your order. We have invested years in this field before starting to claim our expertise. What we claim today is a true reflection of what we have done and can do at present and in future. We strongly defend our services against any illogical allegations or doubtfulness of your mind.

• In a broader aspect, being defensive is a good tactic or even a virtue as a part of life, especially in situations that put our life in jeopardy. But, generally, the term “defense” as used in the dissertation defense reminds us of army personnel reacting to enemy’s attacks or of lawyers arguing in defense of their clients. You, as a student, can assume exactly the same role while defending your dissertation. Like army operations, you need to use bullets of oral competency and bombs of academic intelligence. On the other than, the court trial matches very much with the defense of your dissertation.

• Like the judge sitting at the highest position, you will have committee chair, and committee members playing a role like that of prosecution lawyers. You will have to defend your project against all allegations, doubts, and questioning, especially from one who is determined to oppose your views with full vigor. There will be a sequence of arguments and counter arguments till people are satisfied or the time expires; you have to exhibit your highest expertise.

• On account of the similarities, while preparations of your dissertation defense, you must keep in mind the court scene in order to learn from it. With imagination, you can assume yourself as a defending lawyer, professors as judges, and your dissertation (hardcopy) as an accused or victim who, in court, stands in a witness box. Interestingly, in your academic defense, there will also be an audience just like the public present in court. And, you will be presenting the visual explanation, say PowerPoint clipping, similar to the proofs displayed in the courts.

• Additionally, with the same tactics of the lawyer and army man, you must defend your dissertation without bothering about what is justifiable and what is not. Yes, candid admission of limitations is good for your defense.

Without your consent, i.e. placement of order, Dissertation-Service.co.uk cannot invoke its power to enable your defense. The placement of service order is the only way out through which we can help you. Because the dissertation defense plays a vital role in decision-making process of your academic endeavor, either successful or failure, you must not be careless.