The Role Of Dissertation Committee In Dissertation Writing

November 11th, 2009

The writing is a means through which you present your dissertation project to your academic institution; it is often a daunting endeavor. As you know, a group of faculty members, professors, and/or experts who decide the future of your papers is the dissertation committee. But, it also decides your papers’ present by playing a role in dissertation writing. Similarly, can also play a role in your writing once you get connected to its online system. If you think why to choose our site, just minimize this web page and search with a keyword related to dissertation or thesis. You will find plenty of similar sites offering writing and editing services. Now, check how many of them possess the number of informative web pages that we do. Maybe, their range will fall somewhere between 10 to 30 articles. If you have time, start counting our blog posts, one of which you are reading right now.

• From the dissertation committee members, your dear and near one is your dissertation advisor. The relation of advisor-advisee depends on level of commitment from both sides and their “non-contrasting” personalities. Your healthy relations, generally with your committee and particularly with the advisor, will bring about the excellence in your dissertation writing.

• Intermittent or regular consultations, discussions, and communications with your advisor, plus regular scheduled meetings and correspondence with all committee members are necessary. However, because they are the professional people, rather having “busy lifestyle”, your relationship with them will remain professional and not friendly. By this way, you need to be present on right time, give them full respect, keep your agenda ready, bring up good questions, present well-prepared outline or real hardcopy, show eagerness for feedbacks, and note down their suggestions.

• You should find out their varied individual expectations from you; do not hesitate to ask direct questions. But, also, do not expect more than what they can give you; because they are from the examining committee with chief commitment of supervising your project.

• The advisor will also fulfill the responsibility of proper coordination. S/he will advocate on your behalf during your dispute with any committee member while the project and dissertation writing; you should raise such issue to your advisor. During such episode, you should also follow advisor’s guidance religiously. And, you must not have any problem in doing so because you have taken enough time in selecting him/her.

• Due to their busy schedule, it is your responsibility to get best out of them; if somebody cannot cooperate, go to the other one. Moreover, do not always insist that they read a whole chapter for reviewing it. Instead, make them read those particular points that you wish them to review by directing their attention to there. But for assessing good logical reasoning and correct path, it is necessary that they read in length. Good outline is always a better presentation style. Moreover, you can also leave the editing task on the advisor.

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