Dissertation Bibliography

November 22nd, 2010

Is your Dissertation Bibliography complete?

Upon finishing your dissertation, you will be required to have a dissertation bibliography. This part of the dissertation is very important. Without the dissertation bibliography, you are not finished your actual dissertation.

Now, some of you may be asking “well, how do you write a dissertation bibliography?” You have come to the right place! Its my job to tell you the steps for writing this bibliography and it is my job to help you understand the purpose of a bibliography. First you must know what a dissertation bibliography is.  Every kind of dissertation needs one. An Msc dissertation dissertation is not complete without a one. Any graduate class will most likely require a master dissertation and with a dissertation comes a dissertation bibliography.

It is a  list of sources that you have used and also cited when you were writing your actual dissertation. It really does not matter where the source is from or what source you choose to use, but you must make sure to be responsible and cite them all! Even an online dissertation will include a dissertation bibliography.

Now, for the “hows” of dissertation bibliography writing. It is important to know that there are many different ways to write the dissertation bibliography. You just have to choose what works best for you.

It really is all about what source you use. Follow the steps depending on the source you choose to use.

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1. If you are citing a book with one author you have to write the authors complete name along with the book’s name.

2. If your reference in your dissertation bibliography is a magazine, write the author’s full name along with the name of the magazine and the date the article from the magazine was published.

3. If you decide to refer a chapter or an article from a book in your dissertation bibliography, it is essential that you name the author, the book name and the chapter along with the page number.

4. If you find an article without an author in your bibliography, make sure you mention the name of the article, where and what date it was published.

5. When you refer to a film in your  bibliography, write the name of the director along with the distributor and the release date.

6. If you refer to the World Wide Web in your dissertation bibliography be sure the mention the URL

7. When you refer to an encyclopedia article in your dissertation bibliography, write the volume number of the article after the title of the Encyclopedia.

Something important to note is that a dissertation bibliography can and will give your dissertation credibility.

How to get credibility:

  • Be confident
  • Quote proper references
  • Use quote correctly
  • Understand what you are quoting
  • Be meticulous in your quoting
  • Cite your references using the above step

Understanding a dissertation bibliography and its purpose can be fun and exciting. If you follow the steps above and take a little more effort in concluding your dissertation, you will notice that the work you put forth produced good fruit!

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