Dissertation Assessments

November 15th, 2010

What dissertation assessments should look like

You know that with any writing assignment, you will be required to have an assessment done on your performance. Even with dissertation writing, a dissertation assessment is absolutely necessary. What does a dissertation assessment look like? How will you feel when you are being assessed using this method? Who will assess you? These are all very valid questions that will lead you and guide you and prepare you for your dissertation assessment day.

Everything is done in steps. When writing a research proposal, you will need to also be evaluated. This proposal is in a way assessed and it is either approved or denied. If it is denied, then you can’t continue on with your project. If it is approved, you then are able to proceed.

Even an accounting dissertation will have a dissertation assessment. It will look different from others but you can be sure an assessment is necessary. The assessment is secondary as first you need to know how to write a methodology before you can even think about your dissertation assessment.

First be sure that you have taken care of that minor detail in order to proceed with your work.
When you think about a dissertation assessment, several things can come to mind and make you nervous.

Your nerves

First of all, you feel that you are being tested. Like in every school setting, you have a test at the end of the assignment. Sometimes the test is large, and other times the test is quite short and simple, usually called a quiz. But an assessment is not really a test per say, it is more of an evaluation that uses a rubric of some kind. A rubric best helps students understand the purpose for scoring high or low. Everything is laid out under the criteria and points are awarded to work that is done well. Points are also deducted for work that was not done as well.

Second: A Dissertation assessment will include a rubric. Rubrics are guidelines for the writer, teacher or evaluator. If you follow certain steps and guidelines in the rubric, you will most likely score on the higher end of the spectrum.

Third: A dissertation assessment is designed to help students succeed. It is a step by step process used to encourage student learning.

Fourth: The dissertation assessment is used to help students focus on certain key areas of their dissertation. It does not allow them to sway from the topic.

Fifth: The dissertation assessment is done in a “form-like” manner where the student gets to sit down and answer a series of questions regarding the process he took in order to complete the dissertation.

Sixth: Every dissertation assessment is different. But each of them have a similar view. Their criteria are very similar!

Writing a research proposal, how to write a methodology, accounting dissertation

The criteria is as follows

1. Choice and definition of topic

2. Acquaintance with previous research

3. Command of theory

4. Treatment and scope of material

5. Methods used in the study

6. Theoretical and practical significance of the results

7. Consistency and clarity of presentation

8. Public defense of the dissertation

No matter what kind of dissertation assessment you run across, you are probably going to have the same questions. The people who assess you are usually your supervisor. But since the internet is so amazing, it would be wise to have a mock session where you can practice confronting your dissertation assessment. If you need any help with your dissertation itself, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 for your writing needs.