Dissertation Advisor

September 13th, 2010

Staying in constant communication with your dissertation advisor

The most important person you will need to stay in contact with is your dissertation advisor. This person will meet all your needs so it is important to keep open communication. If you do not keep open communication with your dissertation advisor, you will greatly regret it after you have begun your writing assignment.

Finding, choosing and dealing with your dissertation advisor is essential to your success as a communicator and for your final product. It is important to choose your advisor wisely and grant as much respect as desired by yourself.

All dissertations require an advisor. Even when writing a law dissertation or an education dissertation, an advisor is necessary.

Your advisor acts both as a mentor and as a supervisor assuring your success for this dissertation project. Without this mentor you will struggle with knowing what is required to start, continue and complete your assignment as a graduate student. It is your advisor who will help you with your dissertation proposal. So be good to your advisor and choose well!

It has been said time and time again that the choices you make will have a huge impact on your future. Fact is, it is true! If you have not believed it in the past, it is best to take heart and understand those implications. Indeed your decisions will be determined by your choices.

When choosing an advisor, keep in mind, this can be a headache. But if you know who you are as a person, and you know what makes you tick, then you need to choose accordingly.

education dissertation, law dissertation, dissertation proposalSo…..

1st Know who you are as a person and choose someone who is the opposite. If you are motivated however, you may want to choose someone who is similar to you.
2nd Take time and get to know the other graduate students and faculty in your unit. These people will help give you tips on what to look for in an advisor. They are full of inside information.
3rdMake sure to see the difference between “too busy” advisors and “too demanding”.
4th Talk to the professors in your department
5th Ask the advisor of your choosing about his/her time schedule. You need to know how much time they can allot to this project.
6th Ask whether the advisor will keep his same positions as an advisor for the duration of your project. You do not want an advisor who will up and walk out on you in the middle of your project.
7th Make sure to ask your advisor any questions before there is a long absence.

Your dissertation presentation is probably the most stress-related project you will have to prepare for. So it is important to make sure you pick an advisor who best fits your topic, personality, and character. But remember that stress does not have to be a factor in your preparation. All of life includes stress, its how you view the stress and act on it that matters.

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