Dissertation Acknowledgement Page

December 30th, 2010

Looking at the dissertation acknowledgement page

Always give credit to the appropriate people. Your dissertation acknowledgement page will be about that; giving credit to those who deserve it. And maybe even, giving credit to those who did not put that much effort into helping you but nonetheless was there to support you.

There are many different ways to acknowledge people. On your dissertation acknowledgement page you will see a list of people and beside the list, a reason why they are being noticed”. But remember that first you need to write a dissertation proposal in order to proceed.

You can choose to design this page in whatever way you feel most comfortable. If I were you, I would use a chart. I’m a chart fanatic. I would use three different columns with the lsit of people below. On one column I would title it “people”, on the second “why” and on the last “my thoughts”. This way may sound a bit confusing but once it is put into chart form, it is a lot more understandable. You can also choose to go to a buy dissertation company.

You page could also look like this:

Dissertation acknowledgement page

  • 1- Give a heading of dissertation acknowledgement.
  • The heading should be in the center.
  • Then give at lease 4 line space and start your dissertation acknowledgement with the following lines or similar
    • This thesis would not have been possible unless…..
    • I am grateful……
    • It is a pleasure to thank those who made this thesis possible….
    • I owe my deepest gratitude to……….

    Now narrow down the people who you want to thank. They can be your

    • Supervisor
    • Professors
    • Advisors
    • Colleagues
    • Parents
    • Friends
    • Or any other who may have helped you
  • Make sure you mention that it would have been next to impossible to write this thesis without ___________ help and guidance.
  • Remember, you do not need to use the chart form or the one provided above. Its just an idea that may be best fit for you. You find what works for you but realize, you will have an entire page, and in some cases, several pages dedicated to those people you would like to “thank.”
    Your Dissertation Acknowledgement page is also is also a time for you to be appreciative. If you are not usually the type to be appreciate out loud, now is your time to shine on paper. Everyone likes to be thanked and what better way to be thankful than to have their name written in your piece of work!
    Your dissertations will be read for years and will be available to the world probably for the rest of your existence so make sure to leave good impression by thanking the appropriate people. Show your gratitude and your appreciation by mentioning them in your dissertation in the correct place provided. If you do this, you can be sure you too will be recognized and thanked at some point.
    My last thought is to be generous. Maybe you encountered someone who only helped you for 2.5 seconds and really did not contribute must to your “cause”. Do not be afraid to exaggerate a little bit. And maybe, just maybe give that person a copy of your work with your “comments” in them. People will learn to be more helpful if they see their help is appreciated.
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