Dissertation Abstracts

November 18th, 2010

Dissertation Abstracts

Writing a dissertation of any kind can be both easy and difficult. It really all just depends on the topic you choose and your writing style and taste. Make sure you pick a topic that you will enjoy. If you stick to a topic you enjoy, writing the dissertation will be a lot easier. But every dissertation has something they call and abstract. Your dissertation abstracts are your basic guide to the overall success of your dissertation.

Writing your dissertation abstracts may be easy, but you may find it hard to follow its protocol. You dissertation abstracts give you an idea of where you are in your writing and whether or not you are on the right track! We will explore dissertation abstract structure, explain the structure,  and finally, types of abstracts used.

Writing your dissertation abstracts will apply to any type of dissertation you choose. you may choose to write a phd dissertation or a business dissertation.  Any university dissertation will require dissertation abstracts.

Dissertation abstracts are summaries of what your actual dissertation will consist of.  It is a brief overview of all of the requirements needed in your entire dissertation. Your dissertation abstracts should contain several things:

Abstract’s structure:

  • Title of dissertation
  • Student’s name
  • Chair name
  • Abstract text

Explanation of Abstracts

  1. Title must be centered and above Student Name
  2. Student name: must be full name
  3. Must use Chair’s full name (do not any titles before chair name)
  4. Abstract text: must start two line spaces under Chair name, must be double lined spaced, may be up to 350 words

Dissertation abstracts are many. There are different types of dissertation abstracts. There are mainly 2 forms and a 3rd one is present but not as common.

University dissertations, Business dissertations, PHD dissertations

Types of Dissertation abstracts

  • Descriptive:  (A descriptive dissertation abstract is like an outline, presenting a skeleton of the main ideas of the thesis, along with the methodology and scope of the research. Descriptive dissertation abstracts do not provide conclusions or results of your work. So, please don’t expect to see a conclusion or result in your dissertation abstracts)
  • Informative: (An informative abstract goes a step higher descriptive abstracts to present a truncated form of the arguments made by the dissertation, along with a summary of the evidence presented within the thesis that supports the arguments. This descriptive dissertation will help you understand the whole dissertation better.)

Dissertation abstracts have a certain use. If you do not know how to use your dissertation abstract, you will find the concept slightly boring and irritating. It is important to know how t use the abstracts to better assist you with your own dissertation.

Abstract Use

  1. Dissertation abstracts are often included as part of an academic job application.
  2. They are also often included in journals and or  online databases.
  3. The abstract should contain  keywords that are relevant to facilitate indexing.
  4. The dissertation represents a major academic achievement of the writer and it is a piece they will be proud of.

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