The How Of Writing Dissertation Abstracts

March 4th, 2010

Dissertation abstracts are highly read and published stuff of your dissertations. And, hence, they should be not just well written and well edited, but also well thought out, well presented, and well formulated. must be a name in your mind for receiving highly versatile editing with or without abstract writing. We have come a long way now since our venturing into this academic profession more than a decade ago. During this period, we have witnessed a clear upswing in terms of more work, success, and rush of students—apart from business expansion and increase in company revenue. With this fact, today, when there are many initiators, we have already matured in this academic profession. The new sources may offer you the academic services at cheap rates but with poor quality and doubtful originality. Whereas, we offer you not only the best quality and full originality but complete reliability also.

• The dissertation abstracts carry much significance despite the fact that the abstract is not an integral part of the dissertation volume. Obviously, as according to its definitions, the abstract presents to a reader a short story on the dissertation. Generally, the students have to abide by word limit as prescribed by their academic organizations—mostly ranging from 150 to 300 words. The students are expected to write within this word count in such a way which represents the overall text of entire dissertation. This is undeniably a difficult task.

• Unlike dissertation writing, the abstract writing neither requires fluent writing nor should it be written in that manner. Instead of that, it requires precise writing. It should start by writing a commentary on your dissertation without worrying about the number of words. The focus must be on all important aspects of your dissertation. Remember that people are very fond of reading the dissertation abstracts. Now, you have to transform this commentary into a short presentation, meeting the required word limit. Rather than deleting lines, you need a good rewriting by effectively decreasing the length of sentences, and simultaneously, by maintaining the meaning and essence of matter conveyed.

• Suppose that in your first draft you have written the following line. “These papers are illustrative also for its methodology that involves empirical findings derived from a survey done among university students regarding what and how much they know about climate change.” Now, to adjust this with the prescribed word limit, you can shorten this sentence as much as you need but without changing its core meaning. Thus, you can have this sentence written as “views of university students on climate change are illustrative as resulting from effective empirical findings.”

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