The Difference Between Dissertation Abstract And Dissertation Introduction

October 27th, 2009

Many students lack sufficient understanding about different components of the dissertation. They sometimes fail to differentiate between two varied sections and may take one for the other. The misapprehension about the clear difference between dissertation abstract and dissertation introduction is a good instance for this type of confusion. has seen many abstracts written in a manner of introduction and the introduction written like the abstracts. It is imperative to dissolve such confusion. Our unique characteristic is that we daily publish a new stuff dealing with new information or a solution for students’ problematic issue; we also place few free samples at the homepage itself.

• Why such confusion prevails is because of the fact that both of them present the central substance of the dissertation project to the readers. While the abstract presents only a compact view, the introduction presents only the beginning of the dissertation—one is the miniature and the other is the entrance, respectively.

• Both possess their special values in the reading of any dissertation; however, the introduction is an essential segment whereas the abstract is an independent entity of the dissertation.

• The dissertation abstract is fundamentally a summary (limited words only) that coherently presents a topic synopsis with all succinct research methods, research findings, and the final conclusions; good inclusion is an art requiring writing skills.

• On the other hand, the introduction embarks on the journey of reading for the readers through a presentation of all needful raw information concerning the topic, its background, and story to come. Its length is determined in proportion to the overall length of the dissertation—as prescribed by the format. With subjects and objects, it introduces the main problem, investigation purposes, objectives, intentions, methods, and measures.

• Interestingly, the introduction is generally written as a first section with all freshness of mind; but the abstract is generally written as a last section with all weariness by that time. This is true despite the fact that the abstract comes ahead of introduction in the real sequence of dissertation volume. However, for dissertation abstract, the ending time is the best suitable because you will have lots of ideas about what to write.

• As far as the textual materials are concerned, the writing efforts may be easy for the introduction whereas the abstract writing may become time consuming.

• In dissertation introduction, you give an overall account of the paper, and may catch the interests of the readers and have a favorable language. While reading it, they expect information combined with entertainment; a boring introduction will weaken your papers. They suppose it only to build their understanding and to lead them further into the paper.

• Contrastingly, the abstract is a mini version only, and hence, what is in it must be in your papers—pure factual information. This is because most people will read your abstract first to familiarize with the facts; this is also the highly read stuff (many times more than all other sections).

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