The First Step for Stepping Forward to Dissertation

March 8th, 2009

Dissertation writing is undeniably a time-consuming and, at the same time, not an easygoing tryst. Students who have already been exposed to this type of writing know the fact. But, the inexperience newcomers often indulge in late planning of their MA dissertation, sometimes too late, and meet with increased pressure, frustration, and even failure. For avoiding unstoppable stress till the last moment and attaining the smooth writing atmosphere, there are certain steps to be followed one by one. Let’s have a brief discussion on the very first thing.

• Before the onset take your time for brooding over what you will be doing—make up your mind.
• The first step in this process is to think collectively about the dissertation writing—construct your ideas.
• Neither jump from one idea to another, nor get stuck with one particular thinking.
• Avoid love-at-first-sight kind of tendency.
• Similarly, do not reject any idea too quickly.
• If your interest repeatedly leads you to a particular topic, think categorically about what you can do with that subject matter.
• The most importantly, think largely and be sure that whatever ideas comes to your mind need to be creative enough for writing on them as much as you wish.

• At the time of thinking about your would-be dissertation proposal, if you have confusion regarding the topic, what you can do is to sit calm and note down all ideas on the paper.
• Just keep on revising, reconsidering, and going back again on the same point.

A truth is that at the time of seriously thinking about the Master dissertation, large number of students undergo pressure from various angles. But, obviously, for the college students, a tension-free life always remains something out of reach.

• Though, at least for this special venture, you need to eliminate all outside stressors with expectations from you.

One exception amid all expectations is that from your advisor or professor if you are opting for receiving help; because it will be more an advice rather than expectation.

• If you get involved by pressure in writing about the subject that does not appeal you, the standard of your paper will not be inclusive with lacking of your truest efforts and honest thinking.
• Do not take for granted the period of time you have or can have for the whole project. Look at the due date of your paper and think whether you will be able to meet the deadline with your thesis—sufficiently researched and finished.
• If there are the time constraints, it will be tough for your research to be conclusive.
• Choose the topic of your project according to the availability of time you can devote to for a proper research.

Remember, an adequate planning is the only key to unlock the success of your dissertation. And, balanced thinking with reasonable approach is the very first step in the direction of the entire process. It takes enough time for proposal procedure, conduction with needful research, writing process, sharing the results, as well as, the careful revisions.