Choose Contributory Criminology Dissertation Topics

February 16th, 2010

Your dissertation in field of criminology should focus on how you can contribute to the knowledge about the criminology. This means that while choosing your favorite topic from many criminology dissertation topics, what you can add to existing knowledge is as important as what has already been done. And, the right choice of helping person or source is as necessary as the right choice of your topic. If you are not biased against outsourcing your work, you must select for the first and foremost reason of our dedication towards our job. We highly encourage you to compare us with others by criteria like dissertation samples, blog, software, or any other. We even advise you to reject us if you find better samples or blog. Almost all other blogs are written for only marketing purpose and provide one and the same things written differently, sometimes, full of errors or being funny, ridiculous, and irritating.

• The criminology is a scientific study on criminal behavior with specific causes, extent, nature, and control—done either at individual level or on the society at large. For your criminology dissertation topics, the occurrences, types, causes, and consequences of crime are the areas of research. Depending upon your interest and grasp, you can choose your topic that addresses all of them, few of them, or only one area.

• If you want to cover all these aspects, theories of the crime should be your focal point. Under these theories, you will have categories like social theories, individual theories, and symbolic interactionism. Under the social theories, you have subcategories of social disorganization, social ecology, strain theory, and subcultural theory. Under the individual theories, you can choose either trait theories or control theories. And, from symbolic interactionanism, you have options of rational choice theory, routine activity theory, and Contemporary Cultural and Critical Criminology. Similarly, the types of the crime with definitions are also a vital area.

• Besides these, you have various schools of thought to explore through your dissertations. But, more significantly, for the criminology dissertation topics, these schools of thought are helpful in choosing a particular direction according to specific assumption, concept, or belief. For instance, your school of thought suggests you about inequalities existing in human societies paving the way for crimes. Now, you can formulate your dissertation topic like—the inequalities in different forms give birth to injustices that push the sufferers to commit crimes. As we know, almost in all countries, the disparities exist with varying degrees of intensity, be it economic, social, educational, religious, and/or racial. And, by studying the criminology of notorious criminals, we can trace a link of the disparities existed in their past lives.

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