Classic dissertation

August 15th, 2010

Writing a good Classic Dissertation

If you are anything like me, the feeling, and emotions that come to mind when I hear the word “Classic” in any setting takes me go back to times of complete silence and enjoyment. A classical piece of work is a piece of work that just about anyone enjoys for one reason or another. It is not really one of those works that are “hit or miss” but in some way, at some point, everyone can resonate whether it being music, art, poetry, or books. There is a good classic piece of art out there for everyone. You will never really hear someone say “man, I really hate classics.” But when someone says the word, at times people instantly relate that word to “old.” It is, but still around for a reason!
Writing a Classic Dissertation can be very fun. As you know, writing dissertations in general are not easy, however, if you write about something you really enjoy and are passionate about, it will not feel like work when you put your mind to the task. Every dissertation has some kind of methodology that needs to be followed in order to produce something coherent and well written. The Dissertation Methodology guides you in completing your final product.
There are many different types of dissertations that need to be written. Keeping in mind that your dissertation is not only a keepsake, you are able to produce a piece of work that can be viewed by all. An art dissertation is one of those pieces of writing that can be shared with the world. But, you may want to narrow your topic because art as a general concept can be quite extensive. Figure out what about art you want to focus on. If you are interested in commerce over the world wide web then you would most likely write an e-commerce dissertation. Take time to research these different kinds of dissertations and then count on to help you with your final document.
When writing a classic dissertation you want to make sure to focus on certain aspects of classics. You may want to introduce your topic by giving a definition of what the word “classic” means to you. Then, you might want to define the kind of classic you will focus on. There are so many out there. For some of you, a classic brings the feeling of boredom to your mind. And so what you want to do is find a way to make it interesting. Pick a classic theme that is broad enough so as to find plenty of information, but be unique, don’t choose something that everyone has done. Be creative, allow the juices to flow.

Here are some different types of classics to look at:

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1. Cars (similar to vintage. Why is it a classic?)
2. Books (Who wrote the books to make it “old” but in a good way)
3. Famous Artists (pick one or two and talk about their history and their experience with art)
4. Paintings (which paintings in particular do people talk about)
5. Movies (pick a few that impacted many)
6. Magazines (look at the date of publishing and how long they have been in operation. Why are they still producing, what makes them “old” but good!)
7. History (Famous people, places, ideas, religions)
8. Music (singers, lyrics, songs)
9. Literature (broad but narrow it down)

Pick one of these or come up with your own. You need to ask yourself “What makes this topic interesting and how are they considered classics?” A classic dissertation is a fun and exciting assignment to focus on.
Do your research or ask to lend a hand. We are here to assist you with your dissertation needs. We are available 24/7 and pride ourselves in employing people who specialize in this field to be on our team.