Cite a Dissertation

June 8th, 2012

How to Cite a Dissertations

Cite a dissertation is just a step away from that coveted titles the PhD. You can’t wait to get through the requirements. You are even more excited now that you are getting nearer to your goal. You’re through with the required classes and you’ve passed the qualifying exams. Perhaps you would go for a scholarship before you start any work. Make inquiries a year ahead if that is possible in your school. Once the scholarship is on the way, map out your plan of attack: getting the right topic, devising an air-tight schedule, and consolidating your resources.

A PhD is useful but not an end in itself. It can be a useful job-hunting tool, not to mention the prestige that tags along. The title increases chances for job opportunities but it is not a guarantee that you will get the exact job that you want. As such, you should tailor fit your degree project for the job that you wish to get. This will be an ace up your sleeve when you want a particular job.

First and foremost, choose not only a good topic but the righ subject. This should be a matter that will get the interest of the would-be hiring committee of your coveted job. As this is so, give yourself enough time to do research even at the point of choosing your thesis topic. Begin your cite dissertations by looking into the literature available. If you come across a topic that you think will catch the attention of the would-be hiring committee, then go for it. Get as much related literature as you can. Then narrow down on a topic that stimulates your interest the most. Even at this early stage, you should be very organized.

The next step you should accomplish with your write-up is the formulation of your question. This step is very important, as this will be your guide through the whole process. Your question should reflect your conviction on the topic. This is very important in convincing your committee. Also, a strong thesis question brings forth its message in one quick read. Make sure that it is clear and concise.

If I may reiterate, one important tool in making a prime thesis is a genuine interest in your topic. It is okay to ask for the opinion of your advisor or even your co-doctoral candidates, but the final say should still come from you. After all, it is you who will be spending long hours, maybe even all-nighters, on writing your paper. Whether you truly have a passion for your topic or not will be the deciding factor on how you will turn out. Will you be stressed-out or go along just fine?

Once you have put a well-planned cite dissertation in place, the whole process of writing your dissertation should not be as tough. Getting started should not be so intimidating. Now you can sit yourself down and start working on your dissertation introduction, using dissertation samples. If you can’t handle it, use our dissertation writing services.