Chemistry Dissertation

August 22nd, 2010

Writing your Chemistry Dissertation

You have looked around. You know that your interests lie in science and discovery. But you are not sure what kind of dissertation needs to be written for what you are interested in. You know for a fact that you enjoy mixing different liquids and gasses together-just to see what would happen. And the reactions are phenomenal. It excites you and it makes you feel that you are doing something productive in this world. How about write a dissertation on Chemistry?

Your Chemistry Dissertation will be easier to write since you already know a good bit about the topic. You know chemistry like the back of your hand but be open to learning even more. When you write your dissertation, you will be discovering many new things about yourself and the topic that you did not know previously. Take time to do proper research and enjoy the space you will be in. Chemistry is your element, and you will excel!

You may not be interested in Chemistry at all, and like me, you may enjoy having discussions about Plato and Socrates. In this case, you would dedicate yourself to writing a Philosophy dissertation. But on the other hand, management could be your focus. It does not matter what you manage, it could be businesses, institutions, etc. But management may be what “floats your boat.” In order to write a Management dissertation, like any other dissertation, there are certain rules and regulations.

First things first though, make sure you have a dissertation definition. Find the definition of your topic from a liable source so that you may clear the air. It is also important to gather different opinions from other writers so better concretize your work.

Think about the regular steps needed to write a dissertation. When you are done thinking, multiply your thought process by 2. The difficulty of your writing assignment has just increased.
These are the steps for writing a chemistry dissertation.

  • 1. Write up a proposal (you will have a signature page that basically tells whether you have been approved or not.)
  • 2. Title page (gives the title of your piece)
  • 3. Acknowledgements (expresses your gratitude to someone or something for helping you out with the work.)
  • 4. Abstract (summary of your whole project)
  • 5. Table of contents
  • 6. List of tables, figures and illustrations (vital for chemistry)

For your chemistry dissertation or any other dissertation the most important parts that will be unique are as follows:

  1. methodology
  2. results
  3. discussion
  4. conclusion
  5. references or bibliography
  6. appendices

philosophy dissertation, management dissertation, dissertation definitionThese parts will be different because you are focusing on Chemistry. Chemistry needs to be detailed and written as clearly as possible for people to understand it.

The part of your chemistry dissertation are usually broken down into chapters. But it is up to you on how you want to organize your writing project.

The best part of writing this dissertation is the authenticity. It is important that this dissertation be 100 percent original, you must site all sources properly, should be extremely clear, and very organized. If you cover all these “must dos,” you will have a dissertation that exemplifies excellence.

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