Building Surveying Dissertation

May 6th, 2010

Dispel your Fear of Building Surveying Dissertations

Pursuing studies in Building Surveying can equip you to make a significant difference both socio-economically as well as environmentally. Proceeding with a well-researched Building Surveying Dissertation will therefore be fascinating as well as extremely fulfilling and enriching. It seems though that due to the highly technical and regulatory aspects of Building Surveying, this field is not particularly popular but as more people come to understand the field and the huge impact it makes on our economy and our environment, the interest seems to be increasing.

At we are able to provide you with extensive material, research and expertise to completely eliminate any fears or hesitance you may have regarding Building Surveying Dissertations. The work that has been done by experts in the field of Building Surveying has been remarkable and invaluable. One of the most topical research threads currently is the environmental and technological sustainability of building construction. Within these threads however, there are a myriad different research questions which could be posed that will make your Building Surveying Dissertation impactful and insightful.

Experts in the Building Surveying field have been referred to as ‘building doctors’ which is rather apt as the subjects within this field extend from Pathology through to Rehabilitation of Buildings. The Building Design and Construction Technology topics are also immensely fascinating and the research conducted has benefited our economies hugely.

Resources to Simplify your Building Surveying Dissertation:
• Research and explore dissertation libraries and speak to professionals and experts in the field of Building Surveying
• You need to obtain a well informed overview of the research that has already been conducted in this field as well as the ongoing research
• You would then need to analyse your data extensively and identify the gaps which exist in the Building Surveying field
• Explore the economic problems currently being experienced as a result of poor construction and inadequate technology
• Also explore the environmental impact of construction and the methodologies which can be employed to create a low carbon economy
• The rehabilitation of buildings is also currently a global strategic focus and has a significant impact from a socio-economic and environmental perspective
• Analyse some low cost housing projects in comparison to the upper scale construction projects so evaluate whether a good enough research question could be posed in terms of compliance to building regulations

Embarking on a Building Surveying Dissertation need not be an exercise which you fear as there are so many practical and real issues which are facing the building surveying field at the moment. Imagine the impact you will make if your dissertation is one of the Building Surveying Dissertations which achieves high acclaim and is recognised world-wide!

Use the resources available at to ensure that your Building Surveying Dissertation achieves an A-Grade and glowing reviews from the evaluators. Students for years to come will refer to your Building Surveying Dissertation and be inspired and motivated by it.