Importance Of Bibliography Page In Thesis Or Dissertation

November 9th, 2009

Sometimes, insignificant-looking things prove to be valuable or it causes considerable losses in our life. For instance, we ignore a minor traffic rule and meet with an accident, or we refuse to join a friend group during night and next morning we hear that they met with an accident. Exactly the same types of situations occur when you take care of or ignore bibliography page of thesis or dissertation. appreciates your inquiry that you start by putting comments on our blog post; we will take care to reply them. It is your, the students’, enthusiasm that keeps our enthusiasm alive; our business has now expanded with new members of writers for your research proposal, literature review, coursework, etc.

• The bibliography (also called references) is a list of referred, used, or quoted resources, sources, or materials. You, as the thesis writers, enlist all resources that have their “influences” in your paper by one way or the other. The term influence leads us to understand the real value of the bibliography, as bigger as that of the plagiarism.

• As you know, the plagiarism is a copying or reproduction of a written material or ideas with the claim as if it is one’s own creation. But, to escape from plagiarism, there is no need to refrain from others’ materials or the bibliography page. In fact, you can and should use them freely depending on your requirements—but by following the established mode of conduct. As a rule of academic writing, the students ought to admit the truth whenever they use others’ ideas, viewpoints, data, information, written stuff, audiovisual sources, etc. And, when you directly use a quotation or copied portion, you will have to cite the source. The academic arrangement in this regard is called the bibliography without which the truth remains the secrets.

• Three situations are very determinants. First, the student takes for granted with a thought of who is going to check. Second, s/he certainly forgets to include a particular source in the bibliography. And, third, s/he continues to be under the wrong impression that there is no connection between his/her writing and the particular source. Whether intentional or unintentional, all of the three situations indicate nothing but the plagiarism.

• For bibliography page, please bear in your mind that the people examining your papers are the real scholars and experts with plenty of papers already examined. And, you cannot befool them. Because you better know, there is no need to go into details regarding the consequences of plagiarism detected in your papers.

• So, make your bibliography perfect with all objects that have influenced your writing. For citation, follow appropriate styles as suggested by your academic institution. These include the MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.; however, the commonly known things need no citation.

• Above all, the bibliography is a fairly honest system for giving credits to the real helpful scholars or organization.

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