Best dissertation acknowledgements

February 12th, 2011

How to Write the Best dissertation acknowledgements

Acknowledging someone is very important. Whether it is done verbally or through written words, either way can greatly affect a person’s interaction.

Sometimes the best dissertation acknowledgements come when a person is mentioned on paper. Every dissertation is required to have an acknowledgement page. But some acknowledgements are not as good as others.

The best dissertation acknowledgements aim straight for the heart. It really tells a person how much you appreciate what they did for you, the extra research the found, the time the spent being there for you and so much more. The best dissertation acknowledgments will speak volumes to your personnel and your personality alike. Reading about being acknowledged and feeling acknowledgement only creates within you a motivation that powers through your entire life.

But what do the best dissertation acknowledgements look like you may ask yourself. How does one know whether they have received a positive or a negative acknowledgment? To what extent does one go in order to produce the best dissertation acknowledgements that can later be shared with a group of people.

Well, an example of a best dissertation acknowledgement is what you will find below. But first, in order to be better informed, you may want to buy dissertations to see if they have a sample you can look at in regards to best dissertation acknowledgments.

Realize that you will not need to necessarily have your dissertation proposal to determined who should end up in your best dissertation acknowledgements list. You page can be a list of many people you appreciate and find worthy of thanking.

Checking online for acknowledgements is an easy job. You can easily make a google search which by no doubt will lead you to different types of acknowledgments. But not all the acknowledgements are considered the best. Picking and choosing hat acknowledgement is right for you will allow you to create your best acknowledgement. It takes experience and research to find what will work for you.

Here are a few things I believe make dissertations acknowledgements any good.

Best dissertation acknowledgements


Be honest


Know who your audience is


Its all about semantics (say what you mean)


Know who you are acknowledging


Use proper wording


Know what you are praising or thanking them for


Remember the work that was put into it all


Be humble (don’t be afraid to admit that someone had more knowledge than you did)


Be confident while acknowledging


Show your physical acknowledgment (when you are in their presence, shake their hand. Go out of your way to be there for them as they were there for you.)

Without acknowledgement, people feel their work and efforts were in vain. Any school teacher, Doctor or trainer would love to receive acknowledgment and feed back from their student, client or trainee. There is clearly nothing wrong with be a positive role model by exemplifying that you can create the best dissertation acknowledgements. Without the positive feedback, people will emotionally cease to exist.

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