Accounting Dissertation Topic

February 1st, 2012

Accounting Dissertation Topic In Today’s Context

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• You have many areas and ideas to formulate your favorite accounting dissertation topics with a particular path. They may include corporate management accounting, governmental accounting, financial accounting, public accounting, forensic accounting, tax accounting, internal audit, etc. First, you need to decide your path in which direction you will follow a particular topic.

• For example, suppose that the accounting standards is the direction you have chosen for your dissertation. Now, in this direction, you will have several topics related to the internal accounting standards, objectives of present accounting standards, accounting outsourcing, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, etc.

• Similarly, if the ethics in accounting is the direction that attracts you, you have the following topic ideas. Ethics in banking profession, auditor’s liability, audit risks, connection between accounting and ethics, sustainability reporting by the public sector, effective ways of teaching ethics to the accounting students, need of proper ethical guidance, etc.

• Just like this, if the education in accounting is your chosen direction, you will have the accounting dissertation topic based on following directions. Comparison (between UK and EU, or Asian and EU) in accounting education; needful education changes; accountancy as a choice of women; gender biases etc.

• As a sample, you may formulate your dissertation topic on ethical concerns, such as—lack of dignity given to the ethics results in high occurrences of scandals in accounting. This is very relevant topic because we are accustomed to hearing about small or big scandals involving money from crores to millions. One of the reasons may be the sick attitude towards the ethical responsibility and morality. So, revitalizing its dignity is the need of the time.

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