Tips on Academic Literature Review for Dissertation

June 10th, 2009

Focusing academic literature review for dissertation is very imperative as a part of your dissertation writing process, which requires a significant degree of accuracy and validity. With proper treatment given to your dissertation literature review, you will be able to prove the accuracy. Basically, this review is a summary or register of the referred resources—having valuable association with your topic of the dissertation. It can also be a review of one resource. allows the students to first understand the whole issue, followed by trying on themselves, and only then to approach for any assistance if needed. Below are few tips in this regard.

• Provide evidence
This review itself is a kind of an academic research paper. When you interpret the present sources, there must be the presence of evidence supporting what you say for proving the validity issue.

• Be choosy
Reviewing only the most vital points of the sources is good than the entire text. In academic literature review for dissertation, whatever points you choose for mentioning should be appealing to the focal point of your review, be it methodological, chronological or thematic.

• To-the-point narration with tiny quotes
Literature review does not expect you to go deep into discussing the matter. Rather, such discussion is a necessity of your methodology and other chapters. This review is more a presentation than a discussion. An appropriate use of quotes is acceptable; but consulting your instruction in this regard is expected.

• The process of synthesizing
The sources should be synthesized so as to present them meaningfully. Number wise presentation is not the point here.

• No mingling of your own thoughts
Literature review is a process of presenting others’ works through their language. But, this does not mean that you should fill the content with lots of quotes from the sources. There is no place for your personal views that have emerged after reading the literatures chosen for academic literature review for dissertation. It becomes clear if you consider yourself to be a mediator between the authors of those sources and your readers. You have to pass on the information as it is. What you can do for your benefit is to use a favorable tone in support to your topic.

Due to its special treatment, the literature review demands for a considerate revising. See the degree of credibility—what needs to be done yet. Check its relevance to your assignment, whether being sufficient or not. Do all necessary rewriting, recomposing, and restructuring of your review. Be concise and rule out any presence of your personal beliefs, difficult terminology, and/or repeating matters. Finally, make sure that the format is correct according to your institution.

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