Academic Dissertation

November 16th, 2010

What is an Academic Dissertation?

College offers so many different types of dissertations. The one you may want to focus on is called an Academic Dissertation. But don’t be stuck on just an academic dissertation, remember that a marketing dissertation along with a finance dissertation is a possibility also.

Before writing any type of dissertation, you will want to zoom in on your dissertation topics. Choose them wisely because that is the type of writing you will focus on for the remainder of your time.

Ok, now you are thinking “what is an academic dissertation?” Well, an academic dissertation is a an extended piece of writing written in an academic setting. It is a requirement in most colleges and graduate schools. The point of an essay of this caliber is to shine! Find a topic you are interested in and allow yourself to shine through your writing.

In any instance in writing you may find that the task at hand is a bit more difficult than you planned. But keep in mind that there are ways to get around the difficult.

First it is important to explore why the project is difficult. So then, you will ask the “why questions.”

Finance dissertation, marketing dissertation, dissertation topics


1. Size of the project (may be too large)

2. Self-structured (content is up to you)

3. Newness (you may never have done this before)

4. Deadline (there may be no particular deadline, which may or may not stress you out)

5. Perfectionist (you may be a perfectionist and want things done to the “T.”

6. What it means to the family (family may or may not be in agreement of your career choice0

7. Culture shock (learning new things)

8. Authority intervention (You may not want the supervisor or advisor to intervene and this may cause stress.)

Below are some tips for making your academic dissertation easier to master. This is where you ask “how” can I make this easier. Each answer follows the “why” questions.


1. Break down the excersize into smaller components

2. Learn to organize your work and your time according to what works best for you.

3. Research thoroughly

4. Create a self-imposed deadline

5. Combat unrealistic expectations for yourself and work your hardest.

6. Have open communication with the family.

7. Allow yourself to delve into your project uninhibited

8. If you run into confrontation, always approach the situation in a professional manner

Writing an academic dissertation can be difficult but only because the “why” questions are asked. Sometimes asking “why” only leads to confusion and more frustration.  It is advised that you focus mainly on the “how” questions and do your best to follow a model that works best for you. The “how” questions usually give you more guidance and at the end of the day leaves you satisfied. Unlike the “why” questions, the “how” questions guide you into success.

If you find yourself having any difficulty, take time to review your goals and objectives. If you are still having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us with your writing needs. We are available 24/7 and aim to help you!