Dissertation Subjects

An Overview of Popular Dissertation Subjects

Looking for some ideas on presenting different dissertation subjects? Our summary provides basic review of the most frequently challenged academic disciplines with regard to dissertation writing. It is quite normal that some subjects draw much more attention than others. However, the reasons explaining that can vary from topicality of the subject to the abundance of research material available.


There are many academic disciplines within this broad subdivision. When we deal with such subjects, the main emphasis is put on interpreting the findings rather than objectively evaluating them. Therefore, the approaches taken in humanities dissertations are different from those in other subject fields.

History is one of the humanities subject. A history dissertation may deal with history of different countries, history of  various sciences, art, religion, and world history. Approaches taken in history dissertations are generally divided into synchronic and diachronic.

Languages aspects can be studied based on branches of linguistics. These branches are semantics, morphology, phonetics, etymology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, etc. When languages dissertations are concerned, one can apply various methods of academic research, but one thing uniting them all is the topicality of findings. Of course, this is only relevant if we do not study the classics, then it is out of the question. However, modern languages are subject to constant changes; therefore, any results are to be in tune with the real-life situation.

Visual and performing arts dissertations garner popularity nowadays. If you are only considering your choices, you should know that this field includes film, theatre, music, painting, creative arts, and even such advanced things as art administration and art conversation. Although in arts it is all about subjectivism and personal perception, arts dissertation will have to sift through countless earlier researches and publications on the subject.

Philosophy or religion dissertation will be an interesting but quite challenging task to accomplish. Only a person, who is sophisticated in all spheres of life and able to analyse massive amounts of information and manoeuvre in the sea of allegories and allusions, can complete such a piece successfully.

Social Sciences

These are the disciplines which study the human society in all its diversity and glory. We will review only the most well-known of them.

Anthropology researches the questions of origin of mankind and defines different stages in its evolution. Probably, the one science within anthropology which has the most real-life application is forensic anthropology. Its methods are used in analysing evidence and solving criminal cases.

Archeology is a very exciting field of study for many scholars, as although a lot has already been discovered, there are more possibilities to investigate. It deals with past societies and artifacts which have survived. Maritime archeology is one of the inspiring branches of this science.

Psychology is one of social sciences as well. Psychology dissertation can tackle anything from Sigmund Freud’s and Carl Jung’s teachings to modern alternative trends in psychology.

Political science is an extremely popular subject to study nowadays. A political science dissertation will talk about political systems of different countries and eras.  One can find the following areas of study among the most popular ones: the Roman Empire, the Orient, the Renaissance, the French absolutism monarchy, the Russian totalitarianism, etc.

Formal and Natural Sciences

There is a profusion of disciplines in this subdivision. All of them are exceptionally complicated and require an outstanding intellect to complete a dissertation of this type.

If you are thinking of a Mathematics dissertation, think twice unless you are terribly gifted in it. This science has reached such summits that probability theory is nothing special anymore. What else can be expected if integrals, differentials, and sets are studied in high school nowadays.

For a Physics dissertation, you will definitely need to deeply investigate the achievements of probably the most famous scholar ever, Albert Einstein. Currently, the most researched fields of physics are quantum and nuclear physics, with the former tackling questions  of ultimate importance, such as ones relating to the creation of the Universe.

Computer sciences are in high demand presently. Cybernetics goes forward at a speedy gait. Specialists in this field are sought for by every long-sighted employer. Therefore, a computer sciences dissertation will secure one a great job placement, but it will require them to have a brilliant mind and work hard as well.

Applied Sciences

These disciplines are strictly practical, meaning that all findings and results of researches are applied to solve real-life tasks and problems. The theoretical part in dissertations concerning these subjects is quite short, while most of the time is dedicated to experiments and investigation. Journalism, business, law, education, health sciences, and engineering are just a few fields of study to mention within this broad class. People with practical mindset can succeed in these fields. In addition, dissertation writing is not such a perplexing undertaking in this case.