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For beginners, when you think about a dissertation, what  does come up in your mind? Work that has been done under undergraduate taught course? A PhD project? We at Dissertation-Service.co.uk make sure that, no matter what kind of work you require, we can meet your needs. We can create all kinds of research projects referred to as dissertations, whether you deal with British or American academia.

Undergraduate dissertation. Undergraduate dissertation is a task usually assigned at British colleges. It means that, in order to complete your Bachelor’s degree, you are required to submit certain written work during the term.

Master’s Dissertation. If you are assigned this kind of serious academic work, you can rest assured that help is always at hand with Dissertation-Service.co.uk.

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Dissertation Statistics

An important issue pertaining to dissertation writing is dissertation statistics. Many authors prefer to outsource this job to a competent statistician. Dissertation writers of Dissertation-Service.co.uk are familiar with many types of statistical analysis, including Structural Equation Modeling, Factor Analysis, Multiple Regression, T-Test, and others. We can help you select the right type of analysis for your project and run it.

At Dissertation-Service.co.uk we assist you with:
  1. All Phases of Dissertation Research
  2. Project Development & Literature Review
  3. Database Construction & Data Collection
  4. Research Design, Data Analysis, & Statistics
  5. Quality Improvement & Research Outcome
  6. Grant Writing & Educational Research
  7. Test Construction & Questionnaire Development
  8. Presentation of Results & Preparation of Reports

What Exactly Do You Get?

You have to be sure that you get precisely what you need when it comes to custom written dissertation, right? No one jokes around with serious academic projects. At our company we enjoy providing full satisfaction for our customers.  Therefore, at any stage you can ask for assistance:

Selecting a topic and planning your research

This usually includes the dissertation proposal part writing too, but to stay focused, let’s say that primary work is the most important. It sets the direction and limits for your research.

Reviewing the literature

Some may regard this part as an unnecessary and daunting task; therefore, employing the services of our dedicated writers is a good idea.

Materials and methodology

This part actually depicts your starting point being the means and tools you use in the research. This part needs to be extremely accurate. Everything needs to be laid down in a comprehensible way so that any future researcher is able to reproduce your experiments. Our writers have a special skill of conveying the most difficult things in the most understandable manner.


In this section, you should present theoretical work of other authors and your own. The writers of Dissertation-Service.co.uk can help you correctly balance between the theory and its physical bases in both cases.

Results and discussion

These two are often combined for the ease of perception of information and divided into chapters according to their subject matter.


If you experience some troubles with this section, you can employ the help of our seasoned writers who can present perfectly supported conclusions upon the reviewing of your dissertation.


Formatting and editing this page according to the prescribed style (APA, MLA, Harvard or other) is easy with the help of our experienced editors.


Any information that holds importance, but due to some reason cannot be included in the results chapter, should be featured in the appendices.