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Dissertation Writing Services: Thesis Statement

Writing your coursework, essay, dissertation, or other task often becomes persuasive – you have to convince others that you have a logical perspective on the subject you are studying. This form of persuasion is also called academic argument and follows a rather predictable form of writing. You begin with an introduction of your topic and then state your point, as precisely as possible. Any good essay guide point out that this precise statement then becomes your thesis statement and serves as a synopsis of your thesis. DissertationService.co.uk helps you write the thesis statement in a professional manner, so that from the start you begin to attract the attention of your tutor.

In essence, therefore, a thesis statement:
  1. Tells the reader your interpretation of the subject matter under discussion
  2. Is like a map for the reader because it indicates what a reader is likely to find in it
  3. Provides a platform to understand the subject matter under consideration
  4. Makes a claim that is open to being disputed
  5. Is a short description of your argument to a reader.

It is often difficult for a student to create the winning thesis statement, for a number of reasons. The student might be doing it for the first time and has no idea how thesis statements for essay writing are crafted. The student may have revised the thesis later, but does not know how important it is to alter the thesis statement suitably. The student may not find the time to write the thesis statement. The reasons can vary, but our custom writing service is ready and capable of developing the most professionally written thesis statements that make sure you have a favorable response from the very beginning.

The thesis statements that we craft will be
  1. Analytical, where the thesis statement will talk about an issue, taking into consideration all components, evaluate them and present the evaluation to a reader.
  2. Expository, where it explains a point to the reader
  3. Argumentative, where it makes a claim and then in a concise manner proves the claim, with full justification and evidence available in the thesis itself. The claim could be an opinion, a policy proposal, an evaluation, a statement or an interpretation.
  4. Narrative, where the thesis statement is a short synopsis of the tone of the thesis.

Our writers at DissertationService.co.uk have had years of experience writing academic pieces and, therefore, thesis statements. They are masters at creating thesis statements (including dissertation thesis statements) that make your thesis stand out from all others and adhere to the limited subject, precise opinions and reasoning formulae, to give you a thesis statement that is exceptional and persuasive.


No two thesis papers are similar, and hence no two thesis statements can be similar. DissertationService.co.uk does not have a stock of cast off thesis statements that it will resell over and over again. When you pay us, you get an original thesis statement written from scratch for you and with it is the guarantee that it will not be reused or resold. Contact us today for your 100% original and outstanding thesis statement and bring home 2:1 grades.


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