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Dissertation Formats

Dissertation Formats

PhD Dissertation Format

Dissertation FormatsUndoubtedly, PhD dissertation format is an issue which should always be looked up in the authoritative sources in order to follow all updates that are usually taking place quite regularly. It was scientifically proven that the considerable number of students are making many mistakes when dealing with the formatting part of their investigations. It is worth mentioning that in the PhD dissertation format there are title, copyright and signature approval pages that should be seriously treated while performing the research paper.  Briefly, the main requirements refer to:

Length: Predominantly, these dissertations are 80,000 words long. However, you have to put into consideration the fact that this word limit does not include appendices, tables, footnotes and references.

Numeration: Speaking about the page numeration, it is also unusual: the page numbers should be put on the upper right-hand corner inch from the top and side of the paper.

Headers: It is forbidden to use any page headers as well as decorative borders.

Paper: The paper quality should have the following features: 8-1/2x 11 inches, standard (white paper), 20 pounds weight.

Foreign language: Admittedly, your work might involve foreign language citations without any  translation, but the dissertation itself should be performed in English.


MSC Dissertation FormatDissertation Formats

In science, MSC degree is defined as the Master of Science. To obtain this degree, the students have to hand in their research papers. It should be pointed out that MSC dissertation takes the same form like the majority of simple term papers. Speaking more in details, it tends to be divided into five chapter, namely an introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion part. Being busy with their dissertations, the student has to ask for the guidelines that include all necessary requirements for formatting MSC dissertation. Admittedly, there should be the tips on the technical organization of the title page, declaration of originality, word count, font, spacing, etc. Traditionally the main demands are as follows:

Length: This type of dissertation is about 15,000 words long and rounds to 60 doubled-spaced pages. Besides, it should be kept in mind that the main sections of the work must be of the equal size.

Subsections: What is more, it is advisable to use subsections in order to facilitate the reading process.

Captions: In case your investigation includes some figures and tables, they should mandatory have captions.

Finally, the footnotes are added into the body as the remarks that are usually skipped by the readers.


MLA Dissertation Format

Dissertation FormatsIn general, MLA format dissertation requires from the students the work cited page, where each used source should be correctly  organized, including the data about the writer, publication and date. Interestingly, MLA style was offered by the Modern Language Association in America. Like the majority of other research papers, the dissertation of MLA style take 12-point font, Times New Roman. In addition, during your dissertation writing process you have to make it sure that your references include correct names of the journals, editors as well as some other factual information. The thing is that such organizational details do influence the final outcome (in your case it is your degree). If to compare MLA requirements with the ones of PhD degree, it needs to be pointed out that there is some difference in numeration technique.

Numeration: The page numbers have to be centered, either on the top or the bottom of the dissertation and placed inside the margins.

Font: It is recommended to keep the font size between 11 to 14 points. You are allowed to use Times New Roman, Palatino, Arial and Bookman.

Spacing: Furthermore, the dissertation has to be double-spaced throughout the whole body of the research paper, except for block quotes.

Margins: Finally, top margins must be 1 inch and 1.5 inches while the side margins are 1.5 inches. The same should be used throughout the whole document.


APA Dissertation Format

Dissertation FormatsWhen writing APA dissertation, the student should consider the specific citation requirements as well as the suggestions for reference writing.

Citation: Actually, the citation is utilized with the last name of the author of the source followed by the year of publication and the page number. Besides, it is necessary to mention the number of pages in the citation while quoting from special sources. For instance, you can use the following example when dealing with citation: Smith, 2009;Horsey, 2001; Robens, 1990.

In addition, your attention should be paid to the citation of the source belonging to the same writer. Then your reference will differ: (Robens, 2005a) for the first source and (Robens, 2005b) for another one.

Numeration: According to the APA style you are not recommended to use page number for your title page. The preface traditionally starts with Roman numeral ii at the bottom of the page. However, the chapters of your dissertation should be in Arabic numerals.

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