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Usefulness of Researching on Dissertation Abstract International

The writing of dissertations is challenging due to the many chapters which make up the dissertation and the months of primary and secondary research it calls for. This task stresses out many students who are doing their undergraduate or doctoral degrees. However obtaining this degree is an important aspect. Depending on the subject area, students will be writing many types of dissertations. Which ever type the dissertation is, a dissertation abstract is an important part of the dissertation. It helps readers identify what the dissertation is conducted upon and provide a summary of the entire research study. Such abstracts are the ones which student can refer to in dissertation abstract international database.

What Is A Dissertation Abstract?

A dissertation abstract is a one page write up which appears in the front matter of a dissertation which informs the reader about the central idea of the dissertation. It provides the reader with a complete idea as to what the dissertation is about. For some students writing the abstract will prove tougher than the actual dissertation writing due to the constraints of length. A standard abstract should not exceed a length of 350 words. Therefore, writing the dissertation abstract will be made easier by going through a few online abstracts. Dissertation Abstracts International assists students in this regard.

What is Dissertation Abstract International?

Dissertation abstracts international or DAI is an electronic database similar to digital dissertation databases which stores theses and dissertations. Most North American educational institutes and a few international ones require their students’ dissertation or thesis to be submitted to this database upon completion. Once it is submitted the DAI will publish an abstract of the dissertation in order to make it easy for students who are doing research or dissertations to view it within specified fields of studies. If the abstract indicate the overall thesis to be relevant to the researching student’s study, they will request for a full version of the dissertation publication.

DAI database includes citations of literature and material dating back to as far as 1861. It includes abstracts written by the author for titles published after 1980 and citations for master’s theses which are published from 1988. There are 350 word abstracts as well as 150 word abstracts. Every month more than 5000 new entries come in to this dissertation database from North America only. These are grouped in to two sections to make it easy for students looking for dissertations. The two sections are humanities and social sciences and sciences and engineering. All dissertations in the database are published in English and it is available to any student internationally.

How t Obtain Dissertation Abstracts

Online digital databases such as UMI and ProQuest offer many electronic thesis and dissertation abstracts for students. These resource sites offer over 2.2 billion abstracts for reviewing and sampling by students. DAI does not allow students to access the database at once. It provides students with a listing of all dissertations, along with their abstracts. The students will have to decide if viewing the complete document is beneficial, based on the abstract content. If so, they will have to order the complete dissertation.

Uses of Dissertation Abstracts International

Dissertation abstracts international has two uses. Students can locate dissertation abstracts using this database or they can upload their own abstracts if needed. It will be a plus point for students when they go on to their careers to have their thesis on such a database. For students who wish to peruse these dissertations, they will be able to utilize the information taken from the dissertations and incorporate it into their own work. This should be done only after citing the source properly.

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